Flame-Monitor E110 Flame Safeguard

Flame-Monitor E110 Flame Safeguard

The Flame-Monitor™ Flame Safeguard Series provides the proper burner sequencing, ignition and flame monitoring protection on automatically ignited oil, gas and combination fuel burners.

In conjunction with limit and operating controls, the Flame-Monitor E110 programs the burner/blower motor, ignition and fuel valves to provide for proper and safe burner operation. The control also provides current operating status and lockout information in the event of a safety shutdown.

Main Features:

  • Non-Volatile memory to remember its history and present position even when power is interrupted.
  • A constant flame signal read-out via the display module 
  • Read-out of main fuel operational hours and complete cycles via display module.
  • Modbus communications via RS485 multi-drop link.
  • Dipswitches located on the EP programmer to allow selectable purge time.
  • A run/check switch which allows the operator to stop the program sequence


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