SureFire II Spark Igniters

SureFire II Spark Igniters

The Surefire II™ High-Energy Spark Ignition System is used for direct spark ignition of most gas or liquid fuels used in oil or gas igniters or main burners. 

Fireye High Energy Spark Igniters (HESI) are well suited to ignite most gaseous and liquid fuels, either by first igniting a pilot or directly igniting the main burner.


  • Selectable voltage ( 115/230 vac ).
  • Visual indication of spark operation
  • Proof of spark relay
  • Choice of system, Integrated or Kit or Kit with Quick Disconnect
  • Thermal cutout protection integrated in transformer
  • ATEX options
  • Compact "co-axial" retractors
  • Safety bleed resistor discharges capacitors in 120 seconds.


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