BurnerLogiX Y Flame Safeguard

BurnerLogiX Y Flame Safeguard

BurnerLogiXTM Y Primary Safety Controls offer comprehensive functionality for various applications, now featuring valve proving and low gas pressure capabilities.

The BurnerLogix flame safeguard controler boast a sophisticated array of features designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and ease of use in combustion systems. Employing built-in techniques and algorithms, the BurnerLogix is equipped to learn and adapt to the unique characteristics of the fuel being burned. This intelligent system dynamically sets internal thresholds, optimizing detection accuracy under a diverse range of operating conditions. When firing conditions deviate unfavorably, the adaptive IR system swiftly and safely initiates a shutdown of the burner, mitigating potential risks.

A notable advancement is the BurnerLogix's compact footprint, surpassing the dimensions of its predecessors. The introduction of keypad-selectable parameters streamlines the configuration process, simplifying most application requirements with a single programmer module. This not only ensures efficient and versatile use but also translates to reduced inventory needs for spare parts. The innovative 'revert to pilot' feature significantly enhances a burner's turndown capability, adding a layer of flexibility to accommodate varying operational demands.

Further streamlining installation processes, the BurnerLogix introduces a new pigtail wiring base. This feature not only saves valuable time and labor for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) but also facilitates quick and straightforward upgrades for existing installations.

Key features of the BurnerLogix flame safeguard controler include:

  • Valve Proving and Low Gas Pressure Functionality: Ensuring operational integrity and safety through robust valve proving and low gas pressure functionality.

  • Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display: Providing clear and vivid information for enhanced visibility and monitoring.

  • Smart LEDs for Status and Diagnostics: Intuitive LEDs offer real-time status updates and diagnostics, aiding in quick assessments of system health.

  • Keypad Configurable Parameters: Streamlining configuration through a user-friendly keypad interface, enhancing ease of use.

  • Expanded Keypad Functions: Offering extended functionality through the keypad for comprehensive control.

  • Built-in Language Selection: Catering to diverse user preferences with a built-in language selection feature.

  • Plug-in Programmer Modules: Facilitating seamless upgrades and modifications through easily interchangeable programmer modules.

  • Din Rail Mount: Enabling convenient and secure installation through a Din rail mount.

  • Enhanced Communications: Promoting efficient communication within the system for improved coordination.

  • International Approvals (Some Models): Meeting international standards and regulations for added versatility and global applicability.

In essence, the BurnerLogix flame safeguard controler stand as a technological leap forward, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for optimizing combustion processes while prioritizing safety, space efficiency, and ease of installation and maintenance.


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