BurnerLogix Y Flame Safeguard

BurnerLogix Y Flame Safeguard

BurnerLogix® Y Primary Safety Controls provide a full function to basic control for all your application needs. BurnerLogix is a small and compact package with Adaptive Infrared (IR) Amplifier technology.

Built-in techniques and algorithms allow the BurnerLogix to learn the characteristics of the fuel being burned and set its internal thresholds to optimize detection under all conditions. And when firing conditions change for the worse, the Adaptive IR system reacts properly and safely shuts the burner down.

The BurnerLogix has a smaller footprint than previous offerings with the keypad selectable parameters, most application requirements are easily solved with one programmer module, resulting in less inventory of spare parts. The ‘revert to pilot’ feature can increase a burner’s turndown capability. The new pigtail wiring base can save time and labor at the OEM’s and can make upgrading existing installations easy and quick.


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