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Fireye provides a variety of flame safeguard controls.
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Fireye provides a variety of UV and IR flame scanners.
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Our Company


Our Company

Our roots go back to the 1930s, when the company offered the first commercial/ industrial electronic flame safeguard control...Full Story >

Our People


Our People

Our salespeople are well versed in the technologies and engineering of our products...Full Story >


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Flame Safeguard and Combustion Controls

An absolute commitment to quality products and solutions for flame safety

Accurate, reliable flame monitoring is critical for burner safety and Fireye® has been delivering the industry's best and most dependable flame safeguard controls for more than 70 years.


PPC4000 with O2 Trim and Sequencing



Reliable quality and unmatched

technical service sets Fireye apart from the competition. Our worldwide network of highly skilled direct sales, distributors and representatives, offer customers a level of expertise and technical troubleshooting that can keep their systems operating at peak performance



Fireye is a leading manufacturer of flame safeguard controls and burner management systems for commercial and industrial applications throughout the world.

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Company News

May 2017

Fireye’s Mid-West distributor meeting. Excellent feedback from everyone involved and a really fun event all round. Thanks to the Mid-West sales team for setting this up.

April 2017

Fireye’s European/ ME distributor meeting located in Dubrovnik Croatia. Always enjoy the opportunity to get together with our distributors - you are the best and we at Fireye greatly appreciate all of you!

April 2017

Fireye’s regional sales manager meeting hosted in Florida. Congratulations to Michael San Antonio for winning salesman of the year and the Mike McCarron award for above and beyond customer service. Congratulations to Chris Stover for winning the Innovation award for embracing the technology of the NXM2G. Congratulations to Dave Shunn for the Mark Casey and last but not least congratulations to Gary Dickerson for receiving above and beyond award. .

April 2014

Fireye is awarded patent number 9,621,358 B2 for “Method of conducting safety critical communication” in recognition to James Pelletier.

April 2017

Fireye’s Eastern U.S regional distributor’s meeting hosted in Florida. It has been truly a pleasure to work with such a talented, experienced and dedicated groups. A big THANKS from John Devine to everyone who attended and all involved.


October 2016

Fireye releases new cost effective flame safe guard “Burner- Pro” with new model to come to round out the product line.

October 2016

Fireye attends Shanghai Heatec exhibition. Nice work Jeff, Renta and Keith for manning the booth!

September 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2016 Fireye Roadshow Nexus training class on combustion efficiency systems. Nice work by the Fireye team who supported the training. Lots of good feedback received all round.

June 2016

Fireye obtains INMETRO compliance for Phoenix flame scanner series.

June 2016

Fireye obtains UL compliance of new MBCE-110 flame switch series. Fireye obtained DVGW certification for MBCE-230 series for EU market. Fireye then releases MBCE line for sale.