BLV512 and BLL510 Display Modules

Display modules for use with the Fireye BurnerLogiX control system

The BurnerLogiX system offers an optional OLED or liquid crystal (LCD) display that may be either plugged in or mounted remotely to give full language descriptors of current status and diagnostic lockout information.

Features & Benefits:

  • Change the factory default parameters stored in the programmer module
  • Easily scroll through the various menus to view the current operating status
  • Review programmer configuration and lockout history.
  • Alpha-numeric display made up of 2 lines by 16 characters per line
  • Available in either OLED (BLV512) or LCD (BLL510) formats
  • OLED includes high brightness and extended temperature range to -40°F
  • Contains a fully functional keypad
  • Meets NEMA 4X, when mounted remotely using kits 129-178-4 or 129-178-8

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