Signature Scanner 45FS1 and 45UVFS1 Series

45FS1 and 45UVFS1 Series Signature Scanner (Obsolete)

Type 45FS1 and 45UVFS1 Signature Scanner™ flame detectors incorporate an innovative flame detection method to determine the presence or absence of a target flame in a single or multiple burner environment.

Both Fireye® scanners utilize a software algorithm that constantly compares the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the target flame with the amplitude-frequency characteristics that they learn during a setup procedure. This amplitude-frequency characteristic will be referred to as the signature of the target flame.

During the learn mode the scanner performs “real time” analysis of the frequency spectrum of the AC signal of the target flame to determine the type of flame being sensed (e.g. burner flame-on, flame tips from adjacent burners, background flame, no flames, etc.) and determines a specific shape or Flame Signature of the flame’s frequency spectrum. When the scanner is put in the run mode, the Signature Scanner controls constantly compare the targeted flame signal with the learned signatures to determine the status of the flame.