TS350  & TS752 Temperature Sensors

TS350 & TS752 Temperature Sensors

For use with the BurnerLogiX burner management system and Nexus PPC4000 series fuel/air ratio controller

The BLPS, TS350 and TS752 series of pressure and temperature sensors are designed for use with the Nexus PPC4000 fuel air ratio controller and BurnerLogiX burner management system with integrated boiler control.

  • The temperature sensors (P/N TS350-x and TS752-x) utilize a platinum, positive temperature coefficient sensing element to provide indication of water temperature, stack temperature, boiler water temperature of a steam boiler, and outdoor air temperature.
  • The Immersion Style Temperature Sensors have a 1/2" NPT mounting for the 2", 4" and 8" thermowell probe.
  • Provides a 4-20 mA control signal over their respective stated ranges to the PPC4000 and BurnerLogix Control systems.
  • No setting or calibration is required.

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