SB series

SB Series Flame Safeguard


Compact, modular burner management system

The Fireye SB Series flame safeguard control is a compact, microprocessor based, modular burner management system designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sizes of heating and process equipment firing any type of fuel.

Three models are available: non purge, purge, and modulating (air damper control). Specific part numbers identify the various features such as flame sensor type, non purge, modulation, air proving, and trial for ignition timings.


  • Modular compact design
  • Open and closed wiring bases
  • LED indicator lights provide operating and alarm status
  • Test jack for real time flame reading
  • Push button provides reset of lockout conditions
  • Tested to EN298, UL Listed, and FM Approved
  • Alpha numerical display SB2089

Available flame sensor options:

  • Rectification ionization flame rod
  • Ultraviolet flame scanner (UV)
  • Ultraviolet self check flame scanner (UV)