E300 Expansion Module

E300 Expansion Module

The Fireye E300 Expansion Module provides increased interlock supervision capability of the Flame-Monitor® System.

The Expansion Module connects to any EB700 Flame-Monitor Chassis by means of a ribbon cable. (P/N E350-3, E350-6).

By wiring any of sixteen interlock switches into the Expansion Module, the Flame-Monitor display automatically acts as a “first-out” annunciator for these interlocks. In addition, a fuel selection circuit is standard. The E300 is shipped with default messages associated with each set of terminals.

The user has the ability to modify these lockout messages in one of two ways:

  1. Use the ED510 display module to select a lockout alarm message for the individual terminals of the E300 from a library of available messages.
  2. Program a customized message (up to 40 characters in length) for the individual terminals of the E300 using an IBM-compatible PC with the E300 programming software and the appropriate hardware. On most PC’s Windows Hyperterminal can be used to program E300 messages.


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