Flame Safeguard & Combustion Controls

controls & flame safeguard

Fireye® provides a variety of flame safeguard controls, flame detection and burner control products to the Industrial Heating market place. Our Industrial Flame Monitor® and MicroM® families provide safe and reliable light off of packaged burners used industrial furnaces and ovens. Our FlameWorx II and MB600 families provide independent flame detection for up to 30 burners and an industrial application. Anywhere you are trying to safely control a flame, you will find a Fireye control.

efficiency controls

Our Nexus® family of products is used in boiler applications to not only provide the flame safeguard function, but also control the entire burner operation in a manner which greatly improves efficiency and lowers operational costs. Optional variable speed motor control (VFD) and Oxygen trim provide power savings and reduced greenhouse gas.