Flame Scanners Bulletins

Pub No.
Pub No.
133-645 Using dual self-check scanners, 61-5745-3 133-733 Installation instructions MicroM MEP237 with MEDC2 using Phoenix WR or InSight with 59-497-020WR
133-732 Installation instructions EP178 / EP378 with EDC1 / EDC2 using Phoenix WR or InSight with 59-497-020WR 133-716 Installation Sheet Shutter Assembly 61-7075-1 used on Scanner Type 55UV5 1007, 1009
133-737 Obsolete 133-744 Sealing union with quartz window
CU-114 85UVF/IRF QD Integrated Flame Scanner with Internal Flame Relay 133-746 Obsolete
SC-101 45UV5 Self-Checking UV Scanners, 4-314-1 SC-102 UV1A3, UV1A6 and UV8A, UV2, UV90, 45UV3-1050
SC-103 48PT1, 48PT2 Infrared Scanners, 69ND1, 4-128-1, 4-263-1 SC-106 UV self-checking Scanner Models:
55UV5-1007, 55UV5-1009
SC-108 UV1AL, UV90L non self-checking scanners SC-109 UV7A4-1-CEX, non-self check scanner used with MBSeries, SBSeries, MBPF-100S and MB-600PF