MicroM Series Bulletins

​Pub No.
Pub No.
C-90 57AV7-1000 Universal Test Unit MAMP-1 MicroM Amplifiers, MEUV1, MEUV4, MEUVS1, MEUVS4, MERT1, MERT4, MEIR1, MEIR4, MECD1, MECD4
MC-5000 MicroM Controller - Installation Manual, MEC120, MEC230, MEC320, MEC480, 61-3060, 61-5042 MOPT-1 MicroM Plug-In Option Boards, MED1, MED2, MED3, MED4, MED5, MED6, MED7
MP-5101 Programmer Modules (100 Series), MEP100, MEP101, MEP102, MEP103, MEP104, MEP105, MEP106, MEP107, MEP108, MEP109, MEP130,  MP-5201 Programmer Modules (200 Series), MEP230, MEP235, MEP236, MEP237, MEP238, MEP290
MP-5301 Programmer Modules (300 Series), MEP300, MEP304, MEP397 MP-5401


MP-5501 Programmer Modules (500 Series), MEP536, MEP537, MEP560, MEP561, MEP562 MP-5601 Programmer Modules (600 Series)
MTS-2 MicroM Service Guide 133-667 Using Phoenix with MicroM Controller, MEP237, 59-497-020, MEDC2 - See OBSOLETE/Phoenix section
133-733 Installation instructions MicroM MEP237 with MEDC2 using Phoenix WR or InSight with 59-497-020WR    
SN-100 Grounding Methods for M Series II SMDK-1 Serviceman's Display Kit, SMDK-1004
133-691 Using Noise Reduction Kit 129-179 MM-2 Modernization Adapter 60-1765
MC-3200 Flame Safeguard Controls MEC320TS, MEP696, MEUV4 UC-4851 UC485 Optically isolated USB to RS422/RS485 converter