InSight II Scanner Bulletins

Pub No.
Pub No.
CU-113 TYPE 95DSS3-1/95DSS3-1CEX
Integrated Flame Scanner with Internal Flame Relay



95DISP-1 DISPLAY MODULE and 95WIDISP-2 IR TRANSMITTER MODULE For use with 95DSS3 InSight II Integrated Flame Scanner

CU-117 Installation Instructions - FIBER OPTICS for INSIGHT II FLAME SCANNERS


P/N 95WIHH-2


133-739 Installation and Removal instructions for 29-431 LOCKOUT DEVICE ON 59-546 & 59-547 CABLES UC-4851 UC485 Optically isolated USB to RS422/RS485 converter

Conversion Box for InSight I to InSight II Scanners

133-743 59-4650-10TB wiring harness for InSight II scanners
133-749 Cooling Cover P/N 60-2930-1 for InSight II CU-118

New Compact Size 24 VOLT DC POWER SUPPLY P/N 60-2685-25 - P/N 60-2685-50 DIN Rail Mounted RoHS - Compliant

CU-103 Scanner Insulating Jacket & Vortex-tube Cooler Kit CU-109 Fireye ExplorerCommunication Software For Fireye Flame Scanners with communication facilities (XP & Win 7)



60-2938-2 replacement electronics assembly for InSight II 95DSS3-1CEXSS and 95DSS3-1CEX-2


InSight I Scanners

Pub No.
Pub No.
CU-95 Insight Integrated Flame Scanner, 95IRS2, 95UVS2, 95DSS2, 95IRS2E, 95UVS2E, 95DSS2E, 60-2721, 60-2692, 60-2693 CU-96 Pre-Wired Cable with Connector, 59-497
CU-97 Wiring Harness for Insight Scanner, 61-6944 CU-100 24 Volt Power Supply, 60-2685-2, 60-2685-4 (Obsolete)
CU-101 Installation instructions for fiberoptic Insight scanners, 95IRS2, 95UVS2, 95IRS2E, 95UVS2E, 61-6960, 61-7080 CU-102 FS950W Software for Insight Scanner
IC-4851 IC485 Optically isolated RS232/RS485 converter - OBSOLETE 133-656 Installation Instructions for 129-164 cable connector
133-692 Adapter Kit Installation Instructions for 129-181-1 & 129-181-2 Detector Electronics Fiber Optics to InSight Scanner 133-711 Installation of IR Filter and O-Ring Retainer for use with Insight 95IRS2-2 Flame Scanners
UC-4851 UC485 Optically isolated USB to RS422/RS485 converter 133-720 InSight Fiber Optic Flame Scanners Errata Sheet
133-752 60-2721-x replacement electronics assembly for InSight I CEX scanner 133-754 Installation instructions p/n 129-193 adapter kit
133-732 Installation instructions EP178 / EP378 with EDC1 / EDC2 using Phoenix WR or InSight with 59-497-020WR 133-733 Installation instructions MicroM MEP237 with MEDC2 using Phoenix WR or InSight with 59-497-020WR
new 59-547-XXX PLTC-ER cable
133-76861-7379 cable adapter to upgrade an existing 45FS1 / 45UVFS1 flame scanner to an InSight 1
Addendum to CU-95 reduced temperature operation