BurnerLogixTM Bulletins

Pub No.
Pub No.
133-675 BurnerLogiX Installation Instructions for 129-178 Remote Display Mounting Kits 133-676 BurnerLogiX Installation Instructions for PigTail Wiring Base for Y type only, 60-2810-1, 60-2812-1, 60-2814-1
133-677 BurnerLogiX Installation Instructions for Terminal Block Wiring Base w/Knockoutsfor Y type only 133-701 BurnerLogiX Installation Instructions for PigTail Wiring Base for Z type only, 60-2850-1,
133-702 BurnerLogix Installation Instructions for terminal block wiring base for Z type only, 60-2852-1, 60-2854-1 133-707 Terminal Block Wiring Base Used with BurnerLogix YZ300 Interlock Annunciator
133-722 Errata Sheet for 61-7161 PowerFlame BLZ-SET BurnerLogix Z Programming/Set-Up Guide
BD-5001 BurnerLogiX Installation Instructions for Displays, BLV512, BLL510 BL-1001 BurnerLogiX Y Modules & Displays, YB110UV, YB110UVSC, YB110IR, YB230UV, YB230UVSC, YB230IR
BLZ-1001 Microprocessor-Based Burner Management Control with Integrated Boiler Control Operation, ZB110UV, ZB110UVSC, ZB110IR BLZPTS-1 Pressure & Temperature Sensors for BurnerLogiX, TS350, TS752, BLPS
YBT-1000 Test Unit for BurnerLogix™ Y Controls, 57YB4-5000 YP-1001 BurnerLogiX YP Programmers, YP100, YP102, YP113, YP138, YP200, YP202, YP300, YP302
YZEM-3001 Interlock Annunciator for use with the Fireye BurnerLogix™ Control, YZ300, 60-2872-1, 60-2874-1 YB110-Spec BurnerLogix Y Product Specification Guide
YZ300P YZ300P windows based software for programming custom messages into the YZ300 BurnerLogix Interlock Annunciator (self extracting zip file) YZ300-Spec Interlock Annunciator for use with BurnerLogix Controls
UC-4851 UC485 Optically isolated USB to RS422/RS485 converter ZB110-Spec BurnerLogix Z Product Specification Guide
133-691 Using Noise Reduction Kit 129-179